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Personal Projects are something I think every photographer should be shooting. For me it pushes me to learn, hone my skills and challenge myself as a photographer. I'm currently working on a few projects:


“#21fathers is a social media and public awareness campaign produced by the ABF. The campaign seeks to highlight the truly devastating impact suicide has on Australian families dealing with family access restrictions.”
The Australian Brotherhood of Fathers came to my attention through the ABF when I was seeking support for my own personal experience with the breakdown of my family and realising what a huge problem we have in Australia. There are an estimated 21fathers a week that commit suicide in Australia due to the breakdown of families and restriction of access to children and the pressures of the family courts.

The current family law system exposes men to these factors:

  • restrictions to child access

  • false allegations of abuse

  • access restrictions to property

  • increased financial pressure

  • contact with law enforcement

  • exposure to the legal system

Approximately 3 fathers per day are committing suicide! How many children are now growing up without their father? It is disgraceful that this is not being publicised in the media. What future are we giving to our children by denying them the love and support of both of their parents?

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